Honours for the priest of Kalliste

IG II3 1 1028 Date: 234/3 BC
In the archonship of Lysanias (234/3), in the eighth prytany, of OineisVIII, for which Eumelos son of Empedion of EuonymonIII was secretary. On the eighteenth of Anthesterion, the eighteenth of the prytany. (5) Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee Euphronios son of Kleemporos of Aixone was putting the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. Theophilos son of Philotheos of Lamptrai proposed: since Antidoros, having been allotted priest of Kalliste for the year (10) of Ekphantos (235/4)[1] performed all the sacrifices that occurred in the year on behalf of the Council and People well and with love of honour (philotimōs), and dedicated a stone altar from his own resources, and has rendered accounts for everything on which he has expended money (15) in the year in accordance with the laws; so that the Council and People should be seen to render thanks to those who display love of honour (philotimoumenois) with respect to the sanctuary, for good fortune, the Council shall decide: that the presiding committee (proedrous) allotted to preside at (20) the forthcoming Assembly shall put the matter on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to praise Antidoros son of Antidoros of Pergase and crown him with a foliage crown for his piety towards the gods (25) and his love of honour (philotimias) towards the Council and People; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary of Kalliste; and for the inscription of the stele and its making the administrator (ton epi tēi dioikēsei) shall (30) allocate the expenditure accrued.
col. 1
In crown The Council (crowns) Antidoros of Pergase
col. 2
In crown The People (crowns) Antidoros of Pergase