Funerary monument of Publius Aelius Phaidros

AIUK 4.6 (BM, Funerary Monuments) no. 73 Date: ca. AD 170-180
Upper band Publius Aelius Phaidros of Sounion, son of the expounder (exēgētou) of the Eupatridai and victor in crowned games (hieroneikou) and president of the athletic association (xustarchou) Aelius Theophilos, son of Praxiteles of Sounion, and Kekropia, daughter of Athenion of Phaleron, official guide (periēgētou) for life.
col. 1
Kekropia is my prudent (saophrōn) mother, stranger, she bears a name our ancestral land shares, (5)and I am born from a father, Theophilos, renowned among the descendants of Kekrops, Eupatrid by ancestry and genos. Cruel Fate had already carried away a child from my parents, the blossoming girl Athenais,
col. 2
but for me also the whole People of Athens wept (10)on account of my youth and modesty (saophrosunēs), the manly beauty of my form, and as I worked so diligently for learned education (paideiai) and wisdom (sophiei). And my pitiable father’s tears dry not, for he lost the joy of his life and the hands that would tend his old age.
col. 3
(15)Twenty years long was my life, my name is Phaidros, I left the marriage bed, my wife Leukeia a widow. The girl we brought into the world, the aged parents now care for, little in place of such splendour, ill-fated ones.[1]