Restoration to Thasians of proxeny destroyed by Thirty

IG II2 6 + Add. p. 655 Date: Shortly after 403 BC
Gods. Of Amyntor, Eurypylos, Argeios, Lokros, Alkimos. The Council decided. OineisVI (5) was the prytany; Dexitheos was secretary; Demokles was chairman. Monippides proposed: for Amyntor and Eurypylos and Argeios and Lokros and (10) Alkimos the sons of Apemantos, since the stele was destroyed under the Thirty on which was their proxeny, the secretary of the Council (15) shall inscribe the stele at the expense of Eurypylos; and to invite Eurypylos also to hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow.[1]