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IG II3 1 467 Date: Ca. 333/2-320 BC
In the third prytany, of AiantisIX; on the thirty-eighth of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Chair- (5) of Lamptrai was putting to the vote. Fellow members of the presiding committee (sunproedroi): [Sotimides?] of PhegousII, [Eubaion?] of KydathenaionIII, [Glauko-?] of PhrearrhioiIV, [Euthydikos?] of SphettosV, Stratios of AcharnaiVI, Lysikleides of HalaiVII, (10) Diodoros of PiraeusVIII, - of AlopekeX. The People decided. -itheos . . . . . . proposed: . . . . . .