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Honours for Theoklos of Corinth

IG II3 1 310 Date: 341/0 BC
Crown Gods. In the archonship of Nikomachos (341/0), in the tenth prytany, of LeontisIV, for which Onesippos son of Smikythos of Araphen was secretary. On the old and new day (henēi kai neai), the thirty-seventh (5) of the prytany. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) . . . was putting to the vote. The Council and the People decided. - son of - of Phrearrhioi proposed: [since] Theoklos of Corinth [has continued to take care of any Athenian] in need in Corinth (10) and [has ... concerning] the Athenian People, the Council shall resolve: to praise Theoklos [of Corinth?] and crown him with a foliage crown and submit the opinion of the Council to the People that it seems good to the Council that the presiding committee (proedrous) . . . (15) . . . . . .