Decree of tribe Hippothontis for the priest of Asklepios

IG II2 1163 Date: 284/3 BC
Gods.[1] Proxenos son of Pylagoras of Acherdous proposed: since Phyleus on being allotted as priest of Asklepios for the archonship (5) of Isaios (284/3) has made all the sacrifices, as many as befell him to make, well and with love of honour (philotimōs) on behalf of the Athenian People, and manages the allotment of the courts[2] (10) and the rest which the laws and the decrees prescribe for him justly and according to the laws, and because of these things both the Council and the People have praised him, for good (15) fortune, the tribesmen of HippothontisX shall decide: to praise Phyleus son of Chairias of Eleusis for his piety towards the gods and justice and love of honour (philotimias) for the tribe members (20) and the Athenian People, and to crown him with a foliage crown; and the managers (epimelētas) of the tribe shall inscribe this decree on stone stelai and stand one (25) in the Asklepieion, one in the Hippothontion; whatever expenditure accrues shall be billed (logisasthai) to the tribe.