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Law about the trierarchy

IG I3 236a Date: 410-404 BC
. . . [1] . . . [repair?] as best as possible and [hand over the ships?] . . . . . . [as they received them?] from the dockyard; and if anyone who has not completed his accounting (hupeuthunos) is chosen . . . . . . [according to the decree which] -iades [proposed], concerning anyone who holds office who has not completed his accounting; and if anyone of those [who are in debt] [to the city does not hand over to the succeeding trierarch either the rigging or] the wooden equipment, it shall be possible for the trierarch to summon (5) [anyone who does not hand over these things within the specified time before the office of the] superintendents (epimeleton) on the basis of two witnesses for the summons, and to write down the [witnesses?] . . . the superintendents shall [bring them] to court on the following day; and if [he does not register a claim that anyone else has the equipment, he shall hand it over to the] injured party; and execution (prachsis) shall be as for a private [debtor]; [if, when the trierarch requests it, he does not hand over a pledge (enechuron), he shall pay] to the public treasury (demosioi) whatever fine the court levies; but the . . . . . . and there shall also be right of forcible exaction (echsagoge) from (peri) the shipbuilders (naupegon) . . . (10) . . . of the trierarch eight drachmas two obols (?) each day . . . . . . [bring them] to court concerning these things within the specified time . . . and if anyone prevents, on the same basis; and the trierarch . . . so that it may be possible for anyone who wishes to use it, the trierarch shall invite . . . whenever the People so decides, also the names . . . . . .