Honours for the Samians

IG I3 127 Date: 405/4 BC
Kephisophon of Paiania was secretary (403/2). For the Samians who joined with the Athenian People.
Decree of 405/4 (Council and People) (5) The Council and the People decided. KekropisVII was in prytany. Polymnis of Euonymon was secretary. Alexias was archon (405/4). Nikophon of Athmonon was chairman. Proposal (gnōmē) of Kleisophos and his fellow prutaneis: to praise the Samian envoys (presbesi), both those who came previously and those who have come now, and their Council and their generals and the other Samians, because they are good men and eager to do what good they can, (10) and the actions which they have performed are judged to have been performed rightly for the Athenians and the Samians; and in return for the good which they have done for the Athenians, and because they now attach importance to the Athenians and propose good things for them, the Council and the People shall decide: that the Samians shall be Athenians living under whatever constitution they wish; and, so that this shall be as advantageous as possible for both parties, as they themselves suggest, when peace has been made, then (15) to deliberate jointly about the other matters. They shall use their own laws, being autonomous, and in other respects act in accordance with the oaths and the agreements as agreed by the Athenians and Samians. Concerning any complaints which the two parties may have against each other, they shall give and receive justice in accordance with the existing convention (sumbolas). If any emergency arises about the constitution because of the war and before the peace, (20) as the envoys themselves suggest, the Samians shall deliberate in the light of the circumstances and do what they judge best. Concerning the peace, if it is made, the same terms as for the Athenians shall apply also to those now living in Samos; if it is necessary to make war, they shall prepare as best they can, acting together with the Athenian generals; if the Athenians send an embassy anywhere, those present from Samos shall send jointly (25) if they wish to send anybody, and shall give what good advice they can. The triremes which are at Samos shall be given to the Samians to use, after they have repaired them, in accordance with their own judgment; the names of the trierarchs to whom the ships were assigned the envoys (presbes) shall record for the secretary of the Council and the generals; and, if for any of these anything is inscribed anywhere in the public domain (dēmosiōi) from when they took over the triremes, (30) all of this everywhere the dockyard officials (neōroi) shall delete, but shall exact the equipment for the state (dēmosiōi) as soon as possible, and those who have any of it shall be compelled to give it back (32) intact.
Decree of 405/4 (People) (32) Proposal (gnōmē) of Kleisophos and his fellow prutaneis: in other respects in accordance with the Council, but the grant shall be valid for those who have come, as they themselves ask, and they shall be distributed immediately by the archons among the tribes (phulas) in ten groups (dekacha). Travelling expenses shall (35) be provided for the envoys (presbesi) by the generals as soon as possible; and to praise Eumachos and all the other Samians who have come with Eumachos, because they are good men with regard to the Athenians; and to invite Eumachos to dinner in the city hall (prutaneon) tomorrow. The secretary of the Council together with the generals shall inscribe what has been decreed on a stone stele and set it down on the acropolis; and the Greek treasurers (hellēnotamias) (40) shall provide the money; it shall be inscribed at Samos in the same way at their own expense.
Two further decrees for the Samians, of 403/2, follow on the same stele, but are not included here. For a full translation of the whole inscription, and secondary references, see IG II² 1.