Honours for Thrasyboulos [of Kalydon] and associates, 410/9 BC

OR 182 Date: 410/9 BC
Decree 1[1] In the archonship of Glaukippos (410/9); Lobon from Kedoi was secretary. The Council and People decided. HippothontisVIII was the prytany[2]; Lobon was the secretary; Philistides (5) was chairman; Glaukippos was archon (410/9). Erasinides[3] proposed: to praise Thrasyboulos, who is a good man concerning the Athenian People and keen to do all the good he can; and in return for the good he has done for the Athenian [city or Council] and People, (10) to crown him with a gold crown; and to make the crown from a thousand drachmas; and let the Greek treasurers (hellenotamiai) give the money; and [to announce at the Dionysia] in the competition [for tragedies][4] the reason why (14) the People crowned him.
Decree 2 (14) Diokles proposed: In other respects in accordance with the Council, but Thrasyboulos shall be an Athenian and be enrolled in whichever [tribe] and phratry he wishes[5]; and the other things that [have been voted by the People are to be valid] for Thrasyboulos; and it shall be possible for him also to obtain from the Athenians (20) whatever else may be deemed good concerning his benefaction to the Athenian People; and the secretary shall write up what has been voted; and to choose [five? men from the Council] immediately, [to adjudge the portion?] accruing to Thrasyboulos; (25) and the others who did good [then] to the Athenian People, -is and Agoratos[6] and Komon and . . . and Simon and Philinos and -es, the secretary of the Council shall inscribe them as benefactors on the acropolis (30) on a stone stele; and they shall have the [right to own property (egktesin)] as for Athenians, [both a plot of land] and houses[7], and to dwell at Athens, and the Council in office and the prytany shall take care that they suffer no harm; and the official sellers (poletai) shall let the contract (35) for the stele [in the Council]; and the Greek treasurers (hellenotamias) shall give the money; and if it decides that they [should obtain something else in addition?], the Council shall formulate a proposal (proboleusasan) (38) and bring it to the People.
Decree 3 (38) Eudikos proposed: in other respects in accordance with Diokles, but concerning those who have given bribes (40) for the decree which was voted for Apollodoros[8], the Council is to deliberate at the next session in the Council chamber, and to punish them, voting to condemn those who have given bribes [and to bring them?] to a court as seems best to it; and (45) the Councillors present are to reveal what they know, and if there is anyone who knows anything else about these men; and a private individual may also (give information) if he wishes to do so.