List of participants in the fifth Augustan Dodekais at Delphi

F.Delphes III 2 63 Date: 21/0-1 BC (13/12-9/8 BC?)
For Good Fortune. In the archonship of Xenagoras at Delphi and of Apolexis son of Philokrates at Athens,[1] the following held the bull-first Dodekais:[2] the priest of Apollo Pythios and Patroos[3] Eukles son of Herodes of Marathon, the interpreter (5)chosen by the Pythian oracle (exēgētēs puthochrēstos) from among the Eupatridai Polykritos son of Polycharmos of Azenia, the interpreter (exēgētēs) elected from among the Eupatridai by the People Diotimos son of Diodoros of Halai, the herald of the god from the genos of the Kerykes and priest of Hermes Gorgippos son of Eudemos of Melite, the sacred remembrancer (hieromnēmōn) Theogenes son of Theogenes but by birth son [of Alexandros] (10)of Eupyridai, the seer (mantis) Aristos son of Ammonios of La[mptrai], the pipe-player Menodoros son of Menodoros of Pambotadai.[4]