Dedication by officials

IG II3 4 92 Date: 350-300 BC
. . . . . . [having been crowned by the Council][1] [and the People] for their [justice (dikaiosun─ôs)] in [the archonship of -]
col. 1
traces of a name Philoitios of IonidaiII (5) Sosimachos of MyrrhinousIII Kallimedon of CholleidaiIV P[ei?]sios of -V
col. 2
-es of AcharnaiVI -s of PhlyaVII (10) - of OinoeVIII -mokleides of AphidnaIX -odo[ros] of AlopekeX
The secretary (was) Aristokleides son of Aristokles of PrasiaiIII.