Honours for the prytany treasurer of Ptolemais

Agora XV 303 Date: early 1st century AD?
. . . [so that, when these things are completed], it may be apparent [that the Council takes the appropriate forethought (pronoian)] for those worthy of honour [and those who treat the prytaneis well(?)], Kritoboulos [being herald of the Council and People(?)][1]
col. 1
(5) Phlya: Phi[li]stos son of Leukios [Pam]philos son of Nesto[r][2] A[ndr]eas son of Apollo[n-] P[opli]os son of Antiochos (10)Apol[loph]anes son of Do[sitheos] Dionysios son of N[ik]an[dros] Antiochos son of M- Epiktetos son of Phil- Epigonos son of Soter- (15)Euphrosynos son of An- Epigonos son of Alex- Nemerios son of Phi[lo]n- [Ka]rpodoros son of O- . . .