Honours for the prytany treasurer of Hippothontis, 47/6 or 45/4 BC

Agora XV 278 Date: 47/6 or 45/4 BC
The prytaneis (crown) the treasurer of the tribe, in crown Diophanes (5) son of Apollonios of Azenia.[1] Since the prytaneis of Hippothontis (10)and those with perpetual dining rights (aeisitoi) in the archonship of Diokles of Azenia (47/6 or 45/4) [2] declare to the Council that the treasurer, whom they chose from among themselves, Diophanes son of Apollonios of Azenia, has made the sacrifices [from his own resources] and has taken care of everything else (15)with love of goodness (philagathōs), and for this they call on the Council to allow them to crown him with a foliage crown, for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise [the] treasurer of the prytaneis of Hippothontis, [Diophanes] son of Apollonios of Azenia, and to crown [him with a foliage] (20)crown, with which it is traditional to crown [good] men, and the secretary of the prytany shall inscribe [the decree] on [a stone stele] and dedicate it in the Council chamber.
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Azenia: (25)Diophanes son of Apollonios Lysimachos son of Polykritos[3] Dikaios (son of Dikaios) Zenon son of Theophrastos Apollonios (son of Apollonios) (30)Eraton son of Isidoros Leukios (son of?) Eraton Aristonikos son of Protogenes Philostratos son of Polykritos Dioskourides son of Demeas (35)Dionysios (son of Dionysios) the younger Dionysodoros son of Diogenes Theophilos son of Heliodoros Aischines son of Leukios Nymphokles [(son of Nymphokles)] (40)Leukios son of - uninscribed space
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[deme? ]: Arist- Ari- De- (45)Tim- Ari- Ph- N- Di- (50)G- D- Hy- G- E- uninscribed space