Funerary monument of Tryphera

AIUK 4.6 (BM, Funerary Monuments) no. 76 Date: ii-iii AD
col. i
Once the gold of her hair she would proudly wear, her graceful gaze shined brilliantly, her snow-white face and cheeks brightened, and the sweetest mouth uttered the most delicate of sounds, (5)through ivory teeth and scarlet lips.
col. ii
To the beauty of her body she added all sorts of virtues (aretēn); Such a child the attractive Kilikia bore for the strong Eutychides. In the earth here rests twenty-five-year-old Tryphera. This tomb was raised by Hermeros, born to the father Aristomachos and the mother Orphe, (10)out of love for his wedded wife. (Trans. Wypustek, adapted)[1]