Decree of Athenians in Myrina on Lemnos

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 7 Date: ca. 145 BC
Fragment d
In the archonship of -, in the tenth prytany, of Aiantis . . . . . . Principal Assembly in the theatre . . . . . . (5) . . .
Fragment e
. . . . . . false and . . . . . . and of the . . . . . . the Athenian People . . . (10) . . . supported [financially?] . . . for the sake of the citizens, not to overlook . . . of those taking action [jointly?], having despatched help . . . [and having established the?] strongest security for them, sending . . . the common benefactors of all, [the Romans] . . . [in accordance with the alliance in place] (15) and having established against those unjust[ly] . . . and having explained to the senate that [the islands] were [from the beginning] . . . [the decisions?] arising from the resolution made by the senate . . . of Gaius Laelius, with regard to the things they have recognised . . . the success that was achieved . . . (20) good news . . . sacrifice . . . . . .
Fragments abcf
. . . . . . the generals . . . shall take care of the announcement; and to send (25) [to Athena] . . . [a crown] of fifty gold (staters?) . . . so that there shall be [an eternal] memorial with the goddess of the good will that there is among those living in Myrina towards the People, and to make [on it the following inscription: The Athenian] People in Myrina, a thank-offering to [Athena, Leader and Saviour?] of the city, for the [confirmation] by the Roman (30) [senate] that the islands belong [ancestrally?] to the Athenian People, in the hoplite generalship at Athens for the second time of Herakleitos son of Poseidippos of Ikarion, in the generalship for Lemnos of Philarchides of Paiania, in the second term of office of Telesidemos son of Am(e)inias of Hekale as cavalry commander. The People shall immediately elect as envoys five men from all the Athenians, who, going to Athens and handing over (35) this decree, shall first sacrifice to Athena, obtaining a favourable outcome on behalf of the good reputation and preservation of the Athenian People and that of its friends and allies, and also of the citizens in Myrina, and having dedicated to Athena the crown with the inscription specified previously, writing under it the names of the generals at Athens and those in Myrina, they shall make an approach in the sacred business to the (40) Council and the People and, having greeted them, they shall congratulate them on their victory in the judgement and the successful conclusion of the [litigation?] relating to the islands . . . . . . the previous . . . , and shall encourage the People to make all possible provision for the citizens [living in Myrina]; and in order that there may be a memorial of the gratitude and good will of the citizens living in Myrina towards the Athenian People, (45) to inscribe this decree on two stone stelai and stand one at Athens on the acropolis, and the other in Myrina in [the sanctuary] of Artemis [epithet]; and the Council and the generals shall make provision for the money for the crown and the sacrifice [itself] and the travel allowance and costs of conveying the envoys and the inscribing and erection of the stelai. These have been elected envoys: (50) – son of – of Phrearrhioi, Phaidrias son of – of Hamaxanteia, Apatourios son of Phil-os of Marathon, Mnesikles son of Mnes- of -, Demetrios son of Dionysios of Phrearrhioi.
The Council and People of the Athenians living in Myrina in crown . . . Council ? (55) . . . . . . [1]