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Beginning of a decree, 255/4 BC

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 14 Date: 255/4 BC
In the archonship of Kleomachos (255/4), in the eleventh prytany, of AntiochisXII, for which Aphthonetos son of Archinos of KettosVI was secretary; on the eleventh of Thargelion, the eleventh of the prytany; principal Assembly; of the presiding committee Leon son of Theaios of TrikorynthosXI was putting to the vote, (5) and his fellow presiding committee members: -stratos of AithalidaiI, Peisikles of HippotomadaiII, Sostratos of AnagyrousIII, Antidoros of PhilaidaiIV, - of -V, -stratos of KettosVI, Philion of - VII, - of -VIII, Theophilos of AixoneIX, - of -X. The Council and People decided.[1] . . .