Statue base for Marcus Ulpius Eubiotos

AIO 2751 Date: ca. 230 AD
[(This statue of) the most brilliant (lamprotaton)] [consular and] [eponymous] archon [Marcus Ulpius] Eubiotos (5)[Leuros] of Gargettos (was erected) on account of all his [excellence (aretēs)] and his love [of honour (philoteimias) regarding the] fatherland, both in the grain funds, (10)[to which] he gave [bountifully] two hundred and fifty thousand (denarii) [and] in the provisions, which he provided in [the great] famine, by decree (dogmati) of the (15)[mighty (kratistōn)] Areopagites [the priest of Apollo Patr]o[os] [Publius Aelius] [Zenon of Berenikidai (erected it for)], [the common benefactor and] (20)[his own patron (prostatēn)]