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This resource offers an enrichment activity for KS 3 which enables an experience of the history and culture of Athens through its inscriptions. It addresses the UK national secondary curriculum requirement to “know and understand significant aspects of the history of the wider world: the nature of ancient civilisations; the expansion and dissolution of empires; characteristic features of past non-European societies; achievements and follies of mankind”.

One of the achievements of mankind is, undoubtedly, the invention of writing and numeracy. Furthermore, the modern collection history of ancient Athenian inscriptions (alongside other antiquities) makes them relevant to the history of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century diplomatic connections and imperial ambitions. These aspects are explored in the KS 3 resources, which discuss how ancient Athenian inscriptions came to the UK, and what they tell us about ancient Greek literacy, numeracy and art. The resources end with focus on the History of Medicine.

KS 3 Attic Inscriptions Slides

KS 3 Attic Inscriptions Slides - Peter Liddel

Slides for an enrichment class related to Athenian inscriptions, suggested for KS 3, but of interest also at KS 4 and KS 5. They focus on Athenian inscriptions and how they came to be in the UK. There are four themes relevant to the national secondary curriculum: 1. Introduction to ancient Athenian inscriptions in the UK; 2. Why are ancient Athenian inscriptions important?; 3. Reading Ancient Athenian inscriptions: (a) Words; (b) Numbers; (c) Images (with activities); 4. Ancient Athenian Inscriptions in the UK and the History of Medicine (with activities). Parts 3 and 4 may be delivered separately; (a), (b) and (c) of Part 1 are also detachable. Links are embedded into the slides. The slides are supported by the AIE KS 3 Teachers' Notes.

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KS 3 Attic Inscriptions Teachers' Notes

KS 3 Attic Inscriptions Teachers' Notes - Peter Liddel

Teachers' Notes for a class related to Athenian inscriptions aimed at KS 3 learners but which might be suitable for learners at KS 4 and KS 5. These notes are designed to support use of our KS 3 slides.

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