By way up to Thesmophorion in Piraeus: IG II2 1177 Decree of deme Piraeus concerning the Thesmophorion

[Piraeus]: SEG 66.125 Decree about weights and measures

Piraeus: AIUK 3 (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) no. 7 Funerary columella of Kleopatra of Berytos

Piraeus (Near the inscription honouring Satyros and Leukon): IG II3 1 298 Honours for Spartokos and Pairisades, rulers of the Cimmerian Bosporos, and their brother, Apollonios

[Piraeus], "next to the hero": IG II2 2496 Lease of buildings in Piraeus by [the deme] Kytherros

Piraeus ([Paralion]): Petzl, Das Wrack no. 3 Honorific decree of the Paraloi

Piraeus, Paralion: IG II2 1254 Honorific decree of the Paraloi

[Piraeus, sanctuary of Bendis]: IG I3 136 Decree about the cult of Bendis

[Piraeus (Sanctuary of Zeus Soter and Athena Soteira)]: AIO 2439 Assembly decrees restoring various sanctuaries and other public properties

Piraeus (stele of Poseidon): AIO 819 Law on approvers (dokimastai) of silver coinage, 375/4 BC

[Piraeus?] (Theatre of Dionysos): IG II3 1 416 Honours for priests and religious officials